All The “Options” for the NHS on the IOW. UPDATED

below are shown all 5 of the options the CCG are considering for the NHS on the Isle of wight. Click to enlarge the images.

The public are being offered very little say in which option is accepted, the media reports they are favouring option 3. This was worrying enough as it says this means we lose things like the facilities for premature babies to be born on the Island, meaning thy will have to be taken to Southampton. We’ll also be unable to treat serious fractures on the Island, and to care for hyper acute cardiac and stroke patients.

However it came out at a CCG “meeting in public” (take note of the wording there, not a “public meeting”, where people can ask questions,) It came out the CCG are favouring option 4. This one is even worse, for the amount critical care patients that will be sent off Island for treatment, and all babies under 1 month old (neonates) requiring level 3 intensive care having to go off the Island. The definition of of this is too complex to type out so click Level 3 neotal intensive care unit for the full explanation of what this means.

Since the population of the Island is set to increase, and the Island is trying to create more high paid jobs and attract richer people to buy houses here, it makes no sense whatsoever to reduce the services offered on the Island. If anything the hospital needs to expand to cope with the growing demand.

We are heading for disaster in the future if any services are removed from the Island, and we must do all we can to fight for these services to be kept on the Island.


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