If The Public Knew What Was Happening, They Wouldn’t Accept It

OUR NHS is under serious threat. It is being covertly privatised, without democratic public consultation and behind a shroud of difficult corporate language. The Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) being implemented by the government have the potential to change our NHS beyond recognition. STPs are:

• being conducted in secrecy,
• with little consultation with patients or staff,
• not based on clinical evidence,
• driven by £22bn of cuts,
• resulting in massive centralisation of NHS services
• leading to closures, reconfigurations and privatisation. 

To find out more about STP plans, click here.

IW Save Our NHS stands with other Save Our NHS campaigns across the UK, because we believe that our NHS must remain:

• universally available and free at the point of use
• publicly accountable, publicly funded and publicly run
• clinical driven and evidence led

The NHS is the difference between life and death for so many people, and the difference between a life worth living or not for many others. In times of great need, chaos and emergency, the NHS and its devoted staff are there to help, regardless of financial standing or status or colour or creed. Can you imagine a Britain without the NHS? If we stand idly by and watch its demise, we condemn future generations to grow up without the security of knowing that if they need medical care, they will have it, no matter what.

The IW is a particularly special case, because of the (very expensive) stretch of water between us and the mainland, and the huge implications that will have on the health of patients forced to travel such distances for care, as our services are stripped and downgraded. Our particular demographic also throws up issues for transport.

The wider implications concerning the effect on the health of the individual,  and the quality, availability and affordability of treatment that outsourcing services, relying on self-care and remote appointments, relying on less qualified staff, or on technology such as Skype, particularly for vulnerable people within our community, are unknown.

IoW Save Our NHS aims to inform the public concerning the covert privatisation of OUR NHS, and of how £22 billion of cuts via STP plans will affect local services. We aim to create cohesion in the local fight to defend OUR NHS, and to encourage those who want to, to actively become involved in each and every way.

YOUR NHS IW needs YOU to defend and protect it. Click here to TAKE ACTION TODAY.

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